Collaborative Planning, Execution & Analytics

Coordinate scope, schedule and resources to deliver the project on-time and within business constraints; and reveal and manage risks based on real-time information.

Like most business disciplines, project management relies primarily on past performance to predict future results. With Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) a vast amount of data is collected to help evaluate performance. But, project managers still lack useful analysis and forward-looking capabilities to predict and ensure project success. Enhancing project management with analytics creates project intelligence, offering the opportunity to shift from a task-based activity to a performance-driven one. More broadly, it allows companies to significantly extend the value of their PLM investment and related data by using analytics to provide actionable insights that improve business performance.

Collaborative Planning, Execution and Analytics Industry Process Experience built on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has powerful big-data capabilities to analyze data, integrate information from both internal and external sources, and provide dashboards that deliver actionable insights to all stakeholders in a secure and auditable manner.