Production Execution for Medical Device

Manage and synchronize extensive global operations through multiple steps and across numerous sites

Supplying products in Life Sciences requires the execution of complex processes that often include assembly of packages or devices. In any case, manufacturing must be controlled at the shop floor to ensure quality and compliance throughout.

Production and product supply networks are increasingly dynamic and complex, which requires cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution Systems capable of managing and synchronizing a complex network of global operations, processes and sites.

Production Execution through DELMIA Apriso directs and tracks production tasks and enables a paperless work environment. Step-by-step work instructions and operating procedures are coordinated with 2D or 3D visual graphics from your PLM system to eliminate operation errors. By synchronizing production with quality and materials management processes, DELMIA Apriso reduces Work-In-Process inventory and manufacturing lead times while simultaneously improving quality and on-time delivery.