Designed to Cure

Speed time to market with higher quality novel therapeutics

Companies in pharmaceutical and biotechnology are challenged with the increasing need for open scientific innovation in the discovery stage and driving down costs while reducing time to market with higher quality novel therapeutics. Designed to Cure Industry Solution Experience enables scientists to work in partnership and share scientific results, aiding in the decision support to move the best candidates forward. Designed to Cure provides robust predictive analytics tools that leverage existing experimental results to rapidly optimize therapeutic efficacy and safety, and delivers analytics that provide an early prediction of potential downstream manufacturability issues, to guarantee rapid formulation of efficacious, stable therapeutics and speeds up time to market.

Designed to Cure enables therapeutic delivery, the prediction of critical design and manufacturability characteristics and delivers an integrated, comprehensive and rational drug development approach through virtual design, collaboration and knowledge driven innovation.

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Benefits of Designed to Cure

  • Significantly improve collaboration for BioPharma

    Improve collaboration using integrated systems that provide high quality, accessible scientific knowledge across the organization

  • Enhance decision-making for BioPharma

    Enhance decision-making through real-time views across the lifecycle of therapeutics innovation

  • Accelerate Drug Design and Development for BioPharma

    Accelerate drug design and development by combining in silico and physical experiments

  • Integrates Quality-by-Design Principles for BioPharma

    Integrate Quality-by-Design principles to reduce the time to develop new drugs and increase the duration of market exclusivity

  • Reduce Time to Market and Accelerate Cost Savings for BioPharma

    Reduce time to market and the cost of market expansion by improving innovation and efficiency in discovery research to deliver better candidates faster