Open Scientific Innovation

Integrating data and technology to optimize collaborative, multidisciplinary therapeutics discovery

Drug discovery time is lengthening and becoming more costly. Precision Medicine will shift the focus from blockbuster drugs to targeted therapies for smaller populations, which can reduce the market potential for each drug. This puts even more pressure on pharmaceutical companies to successfully deliver while reducing costs and time to market.

Open Scientific Innovation supports data-driven insight that is key to accelerate and improve innovation. Delivering on a highly integrated, streamlined information gathering and processing system that involves greater use of predictive technology, multidisciplinary project teams can connect to the highest quality information available at any time and any place. By unifying siloed applications and enabling seamless data management, scientists within the collaborative ecosystem across the globe can get to better insights sooner and reduce typical wet-lab experimentation. Managers can track project and program progression and performance and optimize the overall research program as needed. Researchers can now reap the benefit of accelerating and improving the quality of research programs while reducing costs.