License for Quality

Integrate the quality management systems operations across the global enterprise, fostering compliance with GxP.

Even with robust Quality Management Systems (QMS) in place, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can still face unforeseen risks that reduce the effectiveness and compliance of their systems. This is particularly the case when facing the challenges of controlling changes across multiple sites in a global enterprise, answering to auditors and inspectors in a consistent manner across these sites.

Designed for the highly regulated life sciences environment, License for Quality provides end-to-end document and Quality process management. With License for Quality, data can be captured, reviewed, processed and approved through an interface that works as a single point of access to the company compliance content.

License for Quality provides a number of benefits that help pharma and biotech companies integrate and enact their Quality Management Systems across their global operations. License for Quality allows access to QMS documents and data from anywhere, with full traceability of each of the processes addressed. With secure, audited data sharing, organizations will be able to demonstrate adherence to quality processes and minimize recall occurrence.

With License for Quality, enterprise organizations can improve yields, reduce the number of issues and minimize recall occurrence, thereby improving both product quality and quality processes needed to reduce risk