Made for Lean Compliance

Manage and improve quality across dynamic global supply chains

Made for Lean Compliance solution enables medical device companies to take control of quality manufacturing across their global operations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving operational performance. The solution provides synchronized delivery of electronic work instructions, integrated inline error-proofing and comprehensive traceability support for expedited root-cause analysis and UDI initiatives. This drives accelerated New Product Introduction and lowers cost of quality.

In addition, regulated manufacturers can precisely and uniformly manage all operational elements, within and across plants, to deliver consistent product quality and operational improvements. The flexible platform allows governed, yet rapid adaption to regulatory requirements and continuous improvement initiatives. Material synchronization reduces inventory, increases production throughput, and traceability by uniformly aligning raw materials, component and semi-finished goods with production, quality inspection and equipment maintenance processes.

Included in Made to Cure for Medical Device