ONE Quality Lab

Ensuring compliant and efficient quality testing enforcing procedures and automating documentation

The costs of inefficient quality testing will not only effect laboratory productivity, but also overall production cycle times and inventory of drug products. Uncertain quality of information based on scientific data aggregation from multiple sources creates risk for business critical decisions. Outdated test methods and a lack of adherence will lead to regulation and compliance risk and can reduce product quality and safety. And these inefficient and error-prone processes can result in wasted time and efforts with duplicate testing, reviewing and documentation efforts.

ONE Quality Lab solves these potential problems in a number of ways. Enforcement of uniform testing procedures, automated result validation and documentation reduce unnecessary testing and reviewing time and ensure result quality and reliability. Data pipelining and automation based on a single foundation integrates business and scientific processes, shorten decision making and cycle times and add certainty to the quality of information received. And scientifically relevant and standardized applications and views ensure compliant and efficient quality testing and required business alignments.