ONE Research Lab

Enabling research innovation through collaborative flexible processes and simple experiment documentation

Scientific innovation processes work most effectively when steps are taken to foster collaboration with internal and external partners. Without collaboration, information and context can end up locked in silos that limit idea sharing and stifle rapid innovation and business decisions that are dependent on the latest in scientific knowledge sharing. Experiment observations, results and documentation locked in these siloes add time and effort to the innovation process, thereby delaying research projects and increasing cost. And Intellectual Property protection for patent defense can also suffer if experiment information is not securely stored and ready for investigation.

ONE Research Lab improves efficiency and collaboration, while allowing easy and secure data access and ease of use ensuring rapid adoption across labs and functions. It reduces redundant work and provides faster insight. The benefits extend beyond sharing of ideas as laboratories across the globe gain knowledge that can be used empirically or to build and refine models for future laboratory experimentation and testing. Ultimately ONE Research Lab enables speed up the pace of research innovation, while reducing market and patent risk