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Pharmaceutical and Biotech

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An Opportunity for Digital Continuity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

IDMP compliance requires that the information sent to regulatory agencies be consistent in format and ISO coding.


Deliver Holistic Patient-Centric Experiences

The new patient experience enables Life Sciences companies to create competitive advantage and deliver superior personalized, patient and physician-centric experiences.

It is a holistic approach to “harmonize product, nature and life,” and deliver new therapies that encompass human data including genomics, behavior and the environment and leverages technology advancements in modeling, simulation and IoT such as wearables, smart objects and more, to achieve personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory therapies.

Capitalizing on the technologies available to deliver new therapies will drive transformation, create competitive advantage and significantly improve the patient experience.

For us, UberCloud’s high-performance cloud computing environment and the close collaboration with HPE, Dassault Systèmes, and Advania, were critical to speed-up our simulations, which help us to identify the arrhythmic risk of existing and new drugs in the benefit of human health.

Prof. Ellen Kuhl
Head of Living Matter Laboratory at Stanford University

Reduce the Risk of Non-Compliance

As Life Sciences companies strive for superior patient experiences there will be a need to better manage global changes, global market registration, and total quality processes. Improved regulatory intelligence, along with enhanced therapeutics ”in-silico” design, a shift toward biologics, and outcomes-based health economics can help accelerate the best products to market, reducing the overall Life Sciences industry attrition rate.

The goal is to create an integrated framework for compliant innovation, embed quality and regulatory best practices early in the development process, and to provide end-to-end product traceability throughout the lifecycle of the product. This process allows for higher quality, compliant products and faster regulatory approvals.

By themselves they (data) are meaningless; only when we add critical context about what is being measured and how do they become information…

Robert M. Califf, M.D.
FMR FDA Commissioner

Capitalize on Critical Knowledge Across Your Value Chain

Life Sciences organizations that digitalize their businesses by embracing the principles and technology that deliver digital continuity across the entire innovation continuum will win in the marketplace. This will better serve the drive toward open innovation, discovery and research, manufacturing and the ultimate delivery of differentiated patient experiences. It will transform the way your organization innovates and operates, driving significantly enhanced margins with patient centric experiences and increased productivity and profits.


Transform Development & Manufacturing Operations

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are under significant pressure to lower costs and to deliver therapies to smaller populations. Leading companies are investing in more flexible infrastructure, leveraging disposable and modular equipment in order to be more adaptive, mainly driven by the acceleration of biologics. The need for continuous scale-up and efficient tech-transfer will become mandatory and the use of best practices in mobile, flexible, disposable and additive will drive toward more agile manufacturing and planning operations to provide the agility of serving more people around the world.

With [Dassault Systèmes'] BIOVIA Discoverant I can see things I didn’t even dream of before.

Ron Ortiz
Director Manufacturing Science & Technology, Pacira

Increase Value From My Ecosystem, Adopting New Business Models

Redefined value network (CROs, CMOs, Suppliers), marketplace for health, service supplemented experiences, embrace consumerization of health.

As Life Science companies look to leapfrog their competition by accelerating innovation, maximizing ROI and creating new, connected patient experiences, we will see a significant growth in collaborative invention and new models will emerge throughout manufacturing and value chain.

Services supplemented experiences will provide for more intelligent, efficient and collaborative open innovation and Life Sciences companies will drive toward more personalized experiences, embracing the consumerization of health.

Using the Living Heart Model, pharmaceutical companies can predict if a specific drug is going to have a negative, toxic effect on the heart.

Karl D’Souza
Virtual Human Modeling Product Manager, Dassault Systèmes

Life Sciences Industry Solution Experiences designed to enable you to deliver patient centric experiences and competitive advantage

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