1. Single Engineering Source

Single Engineering Source

Accelerate cycle time through multi-disciplinary engineering including simulations for designers and part reuse with advanced similarity search

The ability to shorten cycle times by starting new projects based on existing designs is as necessary as it is legitimate. What company would not benefit from reusing past designs that already embed corporate IP and standards and from sharing this information with multi-disciplinary project stakeholders around the world? Moreover, testing designs in the early design stages eliminate otherwise unforeseeable problems and speed new product introduction.

Single Engineering Source facilitates global product development across all engineering disciplines such as mechanical, tubing, piping, tooling and molding that collaborate on designs from different sites around the world. With advanced similarity search capabilities, designers can locate geometric similarities with future designs in existing models for reuse. Simulation capabilities for designers help them to rapidly test their designs before deciding on the one that is most optimal. They have tools to identify, solve and track issues occurring during product development. Intellectual property is protected as suppliers are given need-to-know access to corporate information based on their project roles and responsibilities.