1. Smart & Synchronized for Medical Device

Smart & Synchronized for Medical Device

Smart medical devices need intelligent connected systems

Smart and Synchronized for Medical Device provides a single collaborative environment to develop and deliver smart medical devices with greater power, flexibility and reliability in a sustainable manner.

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, this solution manages the complex interactions between the multiple engineering disciplines that contribute to system design. Sophisticated simulation tools validate concepts and test device performance in the early stages of design, which reduces late-stage design re-work and enables streamlined product development.

System complexity is something you can master and synchronize in a single environment. With up to 80% of innovation dependent upon embedded systems, it’s essential that your engineers have a complete and consistent view to accelerate smarter component development and validation.

Smart and Synchronized for Medical Device is available On Premise and On Cloud.

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Benefits of Smart & Synchronized for Medical Device

  • Reduce Errors with Multi-Disiplinary Design

    End-to-end traceability throughout the development process to ensure completeness of complex system design

  • A Unique Model Foundation for all Designs

    A consistent and unique model that is the foundation for mechanical, electrical and fluidic design.

  • Early Simulation to Guarantee Performance

    Virtually simulate to optimize product behavior and improve the quality, performance and efficacy of the medical device.

  • Validate Control Systems before Production

    Integrate control systems into device development and validate before actual production to reduce the launch phase and post-market maintenance costs.

  • Verify Device Performance Levels

    Verify that a device can correctly handle certain types of components with a performance level that is in line with patient expectations.