Synchronized Electrical Design

Today’s complex machines contain more electronics than yesterday, and which co-exist with the other disciplines. The efficient layout of all machine systems requires an integrated approach to design. Companies have much to gain if schematics and wiring are linked to the 3D model and automatically updated every time engineering changes are made. Mechanical and electrical engineers need to collaborate to work in concert and not in silos. With technology making sure coherence is ensured, companies gain in productivity and reduce their overall costs.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is your unique environment for all your 3D and electrical product information. With Synchronized Electrical Design companies work with a unique model for all their CAD and electrical information. Electrical and mechanical engineers collaborate on the same product reference in which the 2D and 3D data are linked. 2D schematics are updated whenever modifications are made to the 3D design. You have complete interoperability and more efficient change management.