1. Transforming the Patient Experience with IASO

Transforming the Patient Experience with IASO

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Named after the Greek goddess of recovery, IASO is a Dassault Systèmes showcase for the lifecycle of a combination product in oncology.  From upstream thinking through commercialization, IASO demonstrates the value that Dassault Systèmes and the 3DEXPERIENCE can deliver to stakeholders challenged with bringing innovation to market in the form of combination products and transforming the patient experience.

The IASO showcase features:

  • COLLABORATIVE DESIGN…delivering market and competitive intelligence, to prototyping and validation
  • THERAPEUTICS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT…accelerating drug design with unified predictive science
  • DEVICE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT…leveraging 3D design, collaborative engineering, and simulation
  • MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE…reimagining engineering operations and commercialization
  • ENTERPRISE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE…featuring the 3DEXPERIENCE as a platform to expedite product innovation, and manage regulatory and quality activities…. providing a true 360° view of the product

This prototype was created by Dassault Systèmes for demonstration purposes only and represents a fictitious product not subject to commercialization

Transforming the Patient Experience with IASO
Discover how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps Life Sciences companies bring innovation to market & transform the Patient Experience