Build For Sea

Optimize execution of your manufacturing operations

available on premise

Shipyards need help from technology to implement more agile manufacturing operations in order to improve their capacity and productivity.

With Build For Sea, production, supply chain, and planning executives have a single source of information to optimize production schedules and yard resources, manage digital work orders and efficiently monitor manufacturing execution. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Build For Sea provides full digital continuity and traceability, from engineering, production planning and simulation to actual construction with inventory, material flow, time and labor management. Shipyards can apply advanced lean manufacturing principles.

Benefits of Build For Sea

  • Avoid delays and penalties

    Avoid delays and penalties through advanced production scheduling and shipyard resources optimization as well as efficient management of manufacturing operations.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce costs through scheduling optimization, robotic and manufacturing automation, simulation and implementation of lean manufacturing principles.

  • Reduce production errors

    Reduce production errors by taking advantage of digital continuity between design and execution and integrating quality processes into the manufacturing workflow.

  • Increase production capacity

    Increase production capacity through scheduling optimization, effective management of shipyard activities, inventories, quality processes and exception handling.

Adopt the Power of Build For Sea for Manufacturing Operations Management

Experience Build For Sea to streamline your manufacturing operations management process.