Shipyard Layout and Simulation

Simulate, validate and optimize shipyard layout to support production activities

Shipyards must increase the number of ships produced in a given timeframe and reduce costs. In parallel, to win new business, they must diversify their offering, which means adapting their production layout and equipment while providing workers with a safe production environment.

Shipyard Layout and Simulation creates the digital shipyard where data flows seamlessly throughout the different production stages. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, production stakeholders have fast and easy access to the same information at all times promoting smoother execution and certification. Shipyards can model their shop floor in 3D and digitally simulate multiple scenarios before choosing the layout that best responds to their production objectives. They can simulate transportation or launch paths and dry dock widths to detect interferences and impossibilities before physical set up. Adjustments to the master schedule products are then implemented to account for any changes.