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  2. Shipyard Manufacturing Execution and Monitoring

Shipyard Manufacturing Execution and Monitoring

Track and manage all manufacturing execution activities to ensure optimal operation efficiency

Remaining competitive depends on a shipyard’s ability to improve efficiency while delivering consistent quality products on time. Digitization, standardization and traceability can help them improve their time to market, reduce their overall costs and increase their production efficiency and capacity.

Shipyard Manufacturing Execution and Monitoring helps optimize manufacturing and operational performance by coordinating production activities such as orders, resources, inventory, maintenance and asset utilization. Shipyards can monitor production activities in real-time and ensure that digital work orders, performed in globally distributed locations, are properly tracked and managed.

Manufacturing processes are standardized to achieve consistent visibility, quality, control and synchronization throughout the entire production lifecycle. Design updates can easily be transferred to the shop floor and production feedback looped back to improve initial schemes. Shipyards can monitor and associate quality criteria to specific production processes to improve compliance and reduce errors.