Shipyard Manufacturing Intelligence

Analyze manufacturing status, quality and resource utilization to ensure optimal shipyard performance

A shipyard’s competitive edge is directly related to the timely delivery of quality products and how well it coordinates its day-to-day global manufacturing activities. A considerable amount of information is generated throughout production that shipyards need to analyze to ensure they are aware of any issues and that the shop floor is informed so that it can proceed with their rapid resolution.

Shipyard Manufacturing Intelligence provides intuitive and easy to understand dashboards allowing shipyards to dynamically and effectively monitor, in real-time, their day-to-day operations throughout their ecosystem. Thanks to digital continuity, they can monitor production status, material ordering, delivery and inventory as well as human and equipment resource usage across projects. They have advanced analytics to match their products’ compliance with international and government safety and environmental regulations. Managers can customize their dashboards to their needs, enabling them to “cut to the chase” and quickly zero in on the information most important to them, which improves the accuracy and speed of their decisions.

Adopt the Power of Shipyard Manufacturing Intelligence

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