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  2. Shipyard Production Scheduling and Optimization

Shipyard Production Scheduling and Optimization

Define, optimize and manage shipyard resources and production plan

A shipyard’s competitive edge is directly related to how well it coordinates its manufacturing on a global scale, as well as production quality, quantity and on-time delivery.

Shipyard Production Scheduling and Optimization creates a unified master production schedule and capacity planning for all ongoing projects at the shipyard in the context of its overall workload. It sequences and seamlessly distributes all manufacturing operations across multiple sites, their duration and the resources assigned to each operation in the most efficient way. Shipyards can perform “what if” simulations to determine the impact on the overall master schedule before choosing the best plan. For reporting and continuous improvement purposes, they can monitor when an operation has been executed, who performed the operation, if it was executed on time and if the job was well done. Production errors are also detected and the overall schedule automatically reorganized to keep projects on track.