Commercial Shipyards

Design and build larger capacity passenger and cargo ships more efficiently

Digitally transform shipbuilding operations

Competitive shipbuilders must explore new ways to leverage the advanced technologies that are defining a new era and gain an edge in the industry


Lower Commercial Ships Lifecycle Costs

Lower lifecycle costs and meet commercial ship owners' and operators' mandate to cut back total cost of ownership. Pursue capital improvements, streamline construction, increase operational availability and lower overhead expenses to operate the ships.


Increase Commercial Shipyard Efficiency

Increase shipyard efficiency to be able to support multiple commercial ship platforms. Adapt facilities, re-egineer design and manufacturing processes, adopt automation and lean manufacturing to meet the requirements of bigger ships with greater capacity and stay competitive.


Increase Commonality of Systems and Parts Across Commercial Programs

Increase commonality of systems and parts, maximize reuse, and ensure common business practices across commercial programs to increase profitability. Free up time to bid and win additional projects by re-using know-how.


Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce

Attracting and retaining a quality workforce is a top challenge to every CEO in the commercial shipbuilding sector as an experienced workforce is about to retire without sufficient knowledgeable personnel to replace them.