Advanced Performance Analysis

Analyze multi-physics performance to ensure safety and compliance to customer requirements

In the marine & offshore industry, safety and environmental issues are a fundamental concern for shipbuilders and ship owners. Ensuring the strength and stability of the ship design, ensuring that crew and passengers on board are secure, and ensuring environmental regulations and concerns are addressed, are critical priorities when designing a ship.

Advanced Performance Analysis enables ship designers to simulate and analyze ship performance and validate that ship strength, safety, and environmental concerns are accounted for in the design.   In addition, Advanced Performance Analysis provides specialized simulation and analysis capabilities such as HVAC airflow, noise and vibration analysis, and exhaust/smoke management to optimized the performance characteristics of the ship and to enhance the “at sea” experience for crew and passengers. 

To assist shipbuilders to optimize the overall ship design, Advanced Performance Analysis also provides other multi-physics simulation, analysis, and optimization tools.  This includes capabilities to optimize performance of onboard electrical equipment, ensure that electrical and magnetic fields signatures are minimized, and optimize communication and radar equipment placement.