Composites Engineering

Engineer and validate the composites structure design

Ultra-light, strong, durable, highly resistant to fatigue and corrosion, composites are ideal. Yet, effectively managing the engineering of composite structures can be complex and requires a dedicated solution.

Composites Engineering provides an integrated process-oriented solution to define, simulate, analyze and validate the design of composites structures from conceptual to detail design while ensuring compliance with requirements and regulatory standards. It offers multiple design approaches such as grid or zone-based design, providing the flexibility to select the approach that is best suited for a given situation. It provides engineers with the ability to optimize ship weight without jeopardizing strength. Manufacturing constraints can be embedded early in the design process to ensure manufacturability, thereby significantly shortening design time and lowering cost.

Thanks to integrated simulation and analysis, engineers understand stress distribution and can identify the strength requirement at different grid locations of the hull, decks and bulkheads.