1. Growing Social and Environmental Concerns

Growing Social and Environmental Concerns

Improve public image. Meet society's rising expectations with personal, meaningful, engaging experiences for customers, workers, and citizens alike.

Meet society's expectations, improve public image

Marine and offshore companies are facing a scarcity of qualified workers. As expert personnel with years of critical experience is retiring, the industry is challenged to capture their knowledge and attract a new generation of skilled  workers with a more modern experience. There is also a need to ensure a safer and more efficient working environment on board for the crew. At the same time, public scrutinity on environmental matters is forcing the industry to drive climate change mitigation.

Transform workers and citizens' experience:

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Attract and retain a new generation of tech-savy workers.
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Increase crew efficiency.
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Improve crew safety
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Improve public image

Reshaping the work environment

Digital technologies are transforming the workplace and the experience. Fully immersive training reduces the likelihood of causing injury to personnel or damage to the ship. The goal is to help crew members work safely and more efficiently.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides advanced simulation applications that enable you to experience ships and platforms before they actually exist and virtually run through situations, ergonomics, safety procedures, operations, and maintenance.

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