Naval Shipyards

Design and build advanced, modern ships serving a wide range of strategic missions

Innovation by Design

Dassault Systèmes' solutions help satisfy demanding navy customer requirements while keeping budgets and delivery under control.


Reduce Navy Ships Lifecycle Costs

Reduce lifecycle costs to meet governments' demand for total cost of ownership reduction. Pursue capital improvements, modernize production processes and technology, reduce operation and maintenance cost to increase value for navies.


Drive Commonality of Systems and Parts Across Navy Programs

Drive commonality into specifications and technical standards to reduce acquisition and lifecycle costs. Maximize reuse of systems/parts and ensure common business practices across navy programs to increase profitability and reduce program risk using validated and proven parts/systems.


Modernize Navy Shipyard, Enhance Efficiency

Modernize shipyard, adopt automation that exceeds currents capabilities, and enhance efficiency to stay competitive and meet requirements of advanced, multi-mission ships in terms of capabilities and use of electronic systems.


Attract a New Generation of Workers

An expert but aging workforce about to retire underscores the importance of changing the perception of the Marine & Offshore industry in order to attract and train a new generation of workers with the skills needed to build advanced navy ships.