1. Optimized Production For Sea

Optimized Production For Sea

Efficiently plan your marine project manufacturing

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Manufacturing efficiency begins with production planning. Shipbuilders face the daunting task of transforming the engineering design information into a set of manufacturing assemblies. Then they must define and validate the associated production planning to ensure it is optimized for their specific shipyard.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Optimized Production For Sea enables shipyards to perform manufacturing assembly definition, discipline-specific work preparation, process planning, interactive 3D work instructions, as well as 3D simulation and validation of manufacturing plans to help optimize production. With Optimized Production For Sea, shipbuilders can save considerable work hours and reduce manufacturing costs while improving production quality.

Benefits of Optimized Production For Sea

  • Reduce labor and procurement costs

    Reduce labor and procurement costs through rule-driven automation of work preparation and assembly planning, optimized use of shipyard resources, 3D work instructions.

  • Decrease errors during manufacturing

    Decrease errors during manufacturing thanks to tight engineering/production integration, interactive 3D work instructions, simulation to ensure manufacturability and fit.

  • Avoid delays and penalties

    Avoid delays and penalties by enabling manufacturing planning to start very early thanks to digital continuity between design and manufacturing.

  • Win more orders

    Winning more orders and securing repeat orders through digitization, automation, collaboration and implementation of a lean manufacturing approach.

Adopt the Power of Optimized Production For Sea for Efficient Production Planning

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Success story

Optimized Production For Sea Customer Story

Italian ship design company NAOS Ship and Boat Design needs to provide shipyards with high-quality designs and manufacturing instructions in order to deliver safe, high-performing and efficient vessels to ship owners without jeopardizing budgets and schedules. With Designed For Sea and Optimized Production For Sea, NAOS streamlines the development process from design to manufacturing.

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