Composites Production Preparation

Create and automate the composite structure work preparation to optimize manufacturing

Composite materials are increasingly used in vessel construction as they present strength, stiffness and weight advantages that can achieve higher speeds and consume less fuel than their equivalent counterparts made of steel or aluminum. Yet, the manufacturing of composite materials can be very complex. The main challenge is to be able to efficiently determine the ply arrangement and the fiber direction that will meet the strength criteria and at the same time ensure manufacturability and reduce material waste.

Composites Production Preparation provides an integrated solution for managing the composites manufacturing preparation process. Integrated analysis helps identify the number of plies in each zone based on strength criteria. A powerful flat pattern feature automatically lays out the plies in a way that makes best use of the composite sheet. Composites Production Preparation delivers an efficient interface to major shop floor machines that enables workers to design and cut the plies and to generate the associated documentation.