Outfitting Production Preparation

Create and automate work preparation for electrical, piping and HVAC systems to optimize manufacturing

The installation of fluid and electrical systems in a ship requires careful preparation to ensure that the right foundations and hangers to support these systems are properly designed prior to construction.

Outfitting Production Preparation provides rule-driven creation of fluid work preparation for manufacturing, based on engineering design. It enables shipyards to check for manufacturability to ensure defined resources can perform the required operations. Based on the tight integration between engineering design and manufacturing, shipbuilders have productive and intuitive tools combined with a graphical viewer to review work preparation early, synchronize manufacturing features based on engineering changes and automatically generate workshop documentation such as fabrication sketches or machine interface instructions. They can produce rule-driven work preparation for electrical, piping and HVAC systems including the unfolding and folding of HVAC ducts and parts, branching, nesting and cutting.