Marine Asset Compliance

Capture and manage customer requirements and regulations to ensure compliance

Marine and offshore assets are increasingly sophisticated. It is fundamental for any shipyard to satisfy a large and complex set of requirements to meet the owners’ demand while adhering to ever more stringent environmental and safety regulations.

Marine Asset Compliance provides marine and offshore companies with a unified collaborative platform to capture the voice of the customer and ensure that the final asset be built to specification. It provides them with the ability to manage requirement specifications and their evolution effectively with full traceability throughout an asset entire lifecycle.

Marine Asset Compliance enables companies to:

  • Capture and analyze customer requirements and regulations,
  • Link requirements to design items and track compliance,
  • Assess impact of changes to requirements and manage them appropriately,
  • Tightly integrate requirement management into their project management processes,
  • Define and manage quality assurance processes to ensure the quality of the final asset.