Marine Asset Management

Manage cross-discipline product architecture according to Engineer-to-Order and Configure-to-Order business processes

It is critical for Marine & Offshore companies to define, share, and manage their multi-disciplinary product definitions as well as capitalizing on previous programs and promoting reuse in order to minimize risks, better control cost, and improve overall quality.

With Marine Asset Management, shipbuilding companies can effectively manage a unified cross-discipline Bill of Materials and corporate product portfolio by defining product variability and by maintaining up-to-date baselines of the virtual twin experience with an integrated change management process to orchestrate major evolutions.

Marine Asset Management enables companies to:

  • Manage the engineering definition lifecycle and its evolutions,
  • Foster multi-discipline collaboration within a unified product structure,
  • Manage and maintain a complete, accurate, and current Bill Of Materials through changes,
  • Manage product lines, product variability and baselines,
  • Provide a strategic close-loop collaborative change process,
  • Manage configured product structures and define applicability.