On Time To Sea

Plan, manage, track and connect, anytime, anywhere

available on premise

To maintain a competitive advantage, shipyard executives expect their organizations to rethink their existing business practices and integrate new technology to promote efficient program management and foster collaboration.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, On Time To Sea provides an integrated environment that incorporates industry-specific semantics to plan and manage complex marine and offshore projects with a 360° approach. With On Time To Sea, shipyards can engage in collaborative planning, monitor project status and performance across their extended ecosystem including suppliers and ensure secured traceability of requirements throughout the project. Streamlining the flow of information for efficient program management helps meet their number one priority: ensure timely and on-budget delivery.

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Benefits of On Time To Sea

  • Improve delivery times

    Improve delivery times thanks to clear project planning and monitoring with real-time dashboards.

  • Reduce costs and increase profitability

    Reduce costs and increase profitability thanks to accurate budget planning and monitoring.

  • Enhance ecosystem efficiency

    Enhance ecosystem efficiency with secured access to up-to-date project information anytime, anywhere.

  • Ensure compliance with customer requirements

    Improve product quality and comply with customer requirements to ensure satisfaction through traceability.

Adopt the Power of On Time To Sea for Program Management

Experience On Time To Sea to streamline your marine and offshore program management process.