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On Time Enterprise Knowledge & Standards

Create, define and promote enterprise rules, company standards, and best practices

Capturing and reusing knowledge is essential to ensure efficiency of a shipbuilding company. By establishing standards and integrating these standards into their business processes, shipbuilding customers are able to effectively implement company standards and ensure reuse of information and project/design/manufacturing rules to improve the overall efficiency of the team and the improve the overall quality of work products.

On Time Enterprise Knowledge & Standards provides integrating knowledge and design rules to insure design quality and compliancy to requirements and regulations. This enables customers to customize business processes and data architecture including behaviors, rules, and design criteria as part of their data model in order to reduce rework. Building standard catalogs and design specification provides the ability to hit the road running for new and existing projects.  This standard data gets validated on every project that it is used.  This will improve design quality and reduce cost.