On Time Product Management

Define, share, optimize multi-discipline product architecture

It is critical for Marine & Offshore companies to define, share, and manage their multi-disciplinary product definitions as well as capitalizing on previous programs. 

With On Time Product Management, shipbuilding companies can effectively manage a unified cross-discipline Bill Of Material and corporate product portfolio by defining product variability and by maintaining up-to-date baselines of the digital twin with an integrated change management process to orchestrate major evolutions. Product engineers are able to define and manage the engineering definition of a product from early stage to the final validation and release to production. On Time Product Management enhances ecosystem efficiency enabling multi-discipline collaboration across an extended ecosystem. It helps to bridge the gap between marketing requirements and engineering, and provide a strategic close-loop collaborative change process.

On Time Product Management enables companies to:

  • Manage the engineering definition lifecycle and its evolutions,
  • Foster multi-discipline collaboration within a unified product structure,
  • Manage and maintain a complete, accurate, and current Bill Of Materials through changes,
  • Manage product lines, product variability and baselines,
  • Provide a strategic close-loop collaborative change process,
  • Manage configured product structures and define applicability.