On Time Program

Efficiently manage all program information and resources

Shipyards are under constant pressure to be on or ahead of schedule. The sheer size and cost of a vessel or offshore platform requires strict process and resource planning across an extensive network of stakeholders and an integrated view of performance combining cost and schedule to help ensure timely and on-budget delivery.

On Time Program provides a single collaborative environment to coordinate the entire ecosystem, ensuring that all project team members have access to the relevant information to effectively contribute to the program, and to manage all its aspects. It provides accurate and real-time visibility to the project status and promotes accessibility to up-to-date project information with real-time dashboards, business metrics and analytics throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Capitalization is also critical to a program success. By maximizing standardization and promoting reusability of proven and qualified assets, shipbuilders minimize risks and costs as well as improving the overall quality and compliance.

On Time Program enables shipyards to:

  • Plan, schedule, and manage programs and projects,
  • Define and manage product Work Breakdown Structure,
  • Plan and manage project resources,
  • Manage risks and issues associated to a program or project,
  • Effectively manage project execution and track progress,
  • Define and manage process work flows,
  • Manage document and deliverable versions and approvals,
  • Use advanced analytics to analyze project activities and ensure better decision-making,
  • Manage classifications to enable reuse and standardization.