On Time Supply Chain

Manage your supplier network

Providing between 50 to 80% of a product value, suppliers are essential for the successful completion of any marine or offshore project. Shipyards must be able to coordinate and manage an extensive network of globally distributed suppliers in a streamlined and productive way. They need solutions to help them manage the cost, quality and delivery schedule. Shipyards need to tightly manage the sourcing process and to coordinate and monitor the activities of suppliers.

On Time Supply Chain delivers a single collaborative environment to effectively plan and manage the sourcing process, including bidding, evaluation and negotiation, throughout the entire project lifecycle to ensure that suppliers deliver on time, on budget, with the expected quality. It enables shipyards to efficiently share information with suppliers, wherever they are located, through real-time access to up-to-date product information with appropriate security and export controls to protect their intellectual property.

Adopt the Power of On Time Supply Chain

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