3D Concept Design

Imagine, simulate and validate 3D multidiscipline concepts

The ability to evaluate design alternatives in the bidding phase is a plus. Companies that can incorporate advanced technologies and capabilities in their designs at this stage provide prospects with the level of detail that can make a difference during negotiations.

3D Concept Design provides shipyards with the ability to imagine, design and simulate technologically and visually attractive 3D design concepts that can be presented to customers during the bidding process. Multiple disciplines can seamlessly collaborate to quickly develop ship hull forms as well as the primary and super structures using advanced surface technology and in compliance with customer requirements and international regulations.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, 3D Concept Design provides shipyards with digital continuity from concept design to engineering and manufacturing. Once the contract is awarded, the initial digital model will progressively evolve from concept to detail design.

Adopt the Power of 3D Concept Design

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