Naval Architecture Referential

Define accurate marine shapes and space arrangement

Today, shipbuilders and engineering offices need to deliver innovative ship platforms to satisfy the growing requirements of the marketplace and specific customers.  Much of this innovation is related to meeting customer and market demands for new capabilities, improved passenger experiences, and maritime safety.

Naval Architecture Referential enables naval engineers to quickly design and validate the basic hull form, ship framing, and ship spaces to support the complete development of the ship concept.  Main framing can be defined and promoted to the collaborative environment to share with the design team the same references and enhance the multi-disciplinary coordination. It also offers a large scope of modeling capabilities to accommodate technical surface design or styling surface creation.

Naval Architecture Referential provides the Naval Architect with a complete solution to define the space allocation of the concept from design spaces like main ship compartments and rooms to manufacturing zones to be used in the later phases of the project. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, naval architects can interactively collaborate with the customer on the ship concept to convey and discuss design options  and ensure all customer requirements and concerns are addressed.