Systems Concept

Imagine, simulate and validate critical systems concepts to optimize safety and performance

Shipyards need to include innovative concepts and technologies in their proposed designs and to quickly simulate systems to optimize their performance. Simulations enable them to identify bottlenecks and allows systems architects to size, tune and optimize system components and parameters quickly and accurately in the early stages of the design process.

With Systems Concept, shipyards can, at the schematic view level, imagine, simulate and validate the behavior of critical multi-physics system concepts to optimize criteria like CO2 emissions, energy usage, fuel-efficiency and ballast water management, all considerations that help make ships and offshore platforms safer and more efficient.

Engineers can digitally simulate systems performance and compare results with customers’ expectations and regulatory standards. They can efficiently define and decompose system architectures into a coherent subset of systems to simulate their behavior, under different operating conditions, either system by system or at the global level before moving on to detail design with confidence.