Faster Global Development and production for the Industrial Equipment Industry

As  industrial  equipment  manufacturers  expand  and  extend  their  geographic  reach,  they  face  challenges  that  prolong  product  lifecycles,  increase  costs,  and  make  their  output  slow-to-market.  Communication  lags  and  misunderstandings  between distributed  engineering  and  production  centers  complicates  and  slows  down  processes.  These  time-loss  problems  are  often   compounded by repetitive programming, incomplete simulations, time-intensive production methods, and the uncertainty that the shop floor is working with current data.

The  ideal  solution  enables  global  companies  to  design  products  at  any  location  and  produce  them  at  selected  sites,  with   all  stakeholders  from  design  to  the  shop  floor  working  from  a  unique  global  data  source.  Single  Source  for  Speed,  a   Dassault  Systèmes  Industry  Solution  Experience,  lets  all  disciplines  collaborate  seamlessly  across  time  zones,  working  from  a   single source of data. It accelerates production locally by providing integrated simulations, innovative milling strategies, and the modification  and  reuse  of  existing  programs.  Companies  are  using  the  Single  Source  for  Speed  3DEXPERIENCE® to  optimize  production globally while they shrink cost, time-to-market and delivery time.

Discover more about Single Source for Speed in this whitepaper.