Webinar: FDA when it comes to 3D printing, the future is already here!

When it comes to 3D Printing: The Future is Already Here – Are you ready for the Precision Medicine Revolution?

3D Printing is no longer Science Fiction – It is now Science Fact. Due to its versatility, 3D Printing has medical applications for Devices, Drugs, and Biologics – so much so, that the FDA has published draft guidelines for Additive Manufactured Devices and approved a multitude of applications for 3D printed devices.

This webinar hosts a panel discussion with a variety of leaders in the industry on a range of topics including how 3D Printing :

  • Improves Patient Outcomes
  • Improves Patient & Physician Experience
  • Enables Shorter Lead Times & Improved Experience
  • Helps Prepare for Complex Surgeries
  • Can be Incorporated Across the Organization