1. Capture and Capitalize Knowledge

Capture and Capitalize Knowledge

Unlock the full potential of your business through unified, global collaboration.

Are Virtual Teams the Future of the Natural Resources Industry?

Discover why collaborative platforms that leverage data from real-world operations to enable virtual versions of businesses are the future of industry.

Improve how you use information and work together

Natural Resources organizations are seeking to tap into more of the data from their operations and processes to create a more complete picture of how well they are performing. With this, they hope to find new opportunities for improvements. At the same time, they are seeking to enable superior levels of collaboration and align everyone in their business to common goals, key performance indicators and best practices to drive excellence throughout the business.

Share knowledge, best practices, data and ideas:

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Establish an innovation culture when expertise is globally distributed.
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Improve intelligence and plans by breaking data silos.
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Enable consistency in execution through standard workflows and governance.

Global collaboration and consistent execution

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to create a 3DEXPERIENCE twin of your business, operations, and the value chain that comprises it. With it, you break the silos between data and applications, bringing workers together in a single, unified environment that gives you control over all the processes that drive your business. With global collaboration, the location of the best and brightest minds no longer matters as they ideate, model, simulate, engineer plans and execute them consistently.

Success story

Leveraging the Industrial Internet

Employing a business platform for operational excellence in mining

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