Integrated Construction

Develop on-time and on-budget

available on premise

Most Natural Resources megaprojects, mining, oil and gas, and others, come in late and over budget. More than 35% exceed their budgets and cycle time by greater than 10%. While there are many challenges that lie in the way to success, poor visibility across processes and actors, outdated information, manual processes and slow propagation are key inhibitors. Integrated Construction gives you the capabilities needed to overcome these challenges by unifying data, processes, workflows, users and applications.

Integrated Construction brings together infrastructure and plant design, procurement and construction into one environment optimized for planning and lean execution based on full digital knowledge and continuity from one process to the next. This provides superior visibility for all stakeholders, based on the latest information which is updated instantly with the rapid propagation of changes. With this, it is easy to see the impact of changes, enabling projects to be kept on track.

Benefits of Integrated Construction

  • Visibility, consistency and traceability

    Project status is available at the right time thanks to a single version of the truth which also ensures information is traceable.

  • Ensure complete understanding of complexity

    Ensure everyone has a clear understanding of complex infrastructure and plant with collaborative 3D models.

  • Design and construction for operation

    Comprehensive template-driven parametric modeling capabilities and a data-centric collaborative environment enable you to design and construct the project for operation.

  • Minimize waste

    Achieve minimum waste. Extend design models into fabrication, construction and commissioning and decommissioning and optimize plans and construction.

Integrated Construction

With Integrated Construction, projects come in on-time and on-budget through the propagation of changes and better visibility into progress.