1. Lower and Control Investment Financial Risk

Lower and Control Investment Financial Risk

Mitigate your risks by understanding your options to find the right solutions and then optimize plans to maximize return.

Natural Resources
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Manage your business for today and tomorrow

To successfully manage Natural Resources businesses, you must be able to review investment alternatives, and as many options and plans as you can, to find the ones that will be the most robust, and able to weather change. And, because the global economy is fickle, offering opportunities one day and then taking them away the next, you must be able to rapidly adjust your plans and roll them out to your operations, smartly scaling production up and down to deliver consistent profitability.

Find and develop the right options:

Picto > Deposit > Dassault Systèmes®
Model, evaluate and optimize mineral deposits, reservoirs and fields.
Picto > Planning Check > Dassault Systèmes®
Integrate planning to review more alternatives to find the right options.
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Establish enterprise agility to rapidly re-plan and rollout adjustments.

Evaluate, plan, and adjust to sustain profits

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to model, plan, and simulate natural resource assets to determine which ones will deliver the rate of return you require, based on your risk factors. It then enables you to optimize plans to find the most robust options that will best weather volatility in demand and prices. When adjustments are required, it provides the ability to rapidly re-plan and communicate updates to your global operations, scaling up and down smartly, to ensure continued profitability.

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