Oil & Gas

Increase control and manageability of your oilfield

Infographic: Advanced Geomechanics Simulation

Use virtual testing to safely maximize subsurface recovery


Safety and Compliance

Oil and Gas industry stakeholders and investors are requiring more insight into projects. Governments and local communities want to ensure promised benefits are realized, environmental impacts managed and safe operating conditions maintained. Oil and Gas companies are therefore seeking to improve transparency in reporting and monitoring of their operations and how they engage with their stakeholders.


Securing Reserves

Oil and Gas companies must always be forward-looking, examining existing properties for expansion and potential acquisitions to ensure they remain vital enterprises for their investors. To do so, they must be able to determine and validate the best options that will be most likely to deliver returns in accordance with their requirements.


Keep Producing

In order to meet investor expectations, Oil and Gas producers must sustain consistent production. By doing so, they can better hold the line on costs and ensure profitability. This requires that oil well stability be maintained.


Digital Continuity from One Process to the Next

Digital continuity ensures the handover process from one process and one professional to the next is timely and based on a single source of truth. With this, engineering and production processes are executed consistently, correctly and on time, every time.


Shift in Supply and Demand Profiles

The global economy can be fickle, pushing demand and prices higher or lower. However, there are other factors at play in Oil & Gas that are also impacting availability and demand. Oil & Gas companies therefore need to remain competitive by making their operations continuously more efficient by innovating and to set up in new markets. 


Excellence in Construction and Expansion

Oil & Gas producers must be as efficient, cost-effective, and as environmentally sensitive as possible when constructing new operations and expanding existing ones. By closely connecting procurement to engineering processes, they keep projects on track.