1. Reach Operational Excellence

Reach Operational Excellence

Get the most out of your operations by enabling operational stability, excellence, and agility.

The Industrial Minerals Revolution

For decades, quarries have counted on sustained demand for their products and their ability to produce in high volumes to overcome low profit margins – and it’s worked well. Until now.

Break down barriers to react faster and keep on track

Natural Resources companies are seeking to increase efficiencies to ensure they deliver on the promises they make to their shareholders. Many organizations are striving to achieve the benefits that manufacturing organizations have – rapid response to variation in process execution and plans, and the agility to make the right decisions when there are fluctuations in demand from the plant and market.

To achieve this goal, the barriers between functions in engineering, geology, scheduling and elsewhere must be eliminated. Data must become much more available to better drive efficiency, to find opportunities for improvement, and to make the right decisions about the utilization of equipment and the resource asset.

Maximize productivity to get the most out of operations:

Picto > Stability > Dassault Systèmes®
Establish operational stability to reduce variation in processes.
Picto > Collaboration > Dassault Systèmes®
Drive business excellence through collaboration to gain process continuity.
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Increase measurement and reactivity to enable greater agility.

Be more efficient: integrate planning and execution

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform companies gain a unique level of visibility into project and operations execution, with progress between engineering, geology, and scheduling closely linked together. Governance and excellence is enabled through workflows, KPI’s, role-based dash-boarding, and the ability to rapidly adjust plans. It enables collaboration to drive better modeling, engineering, simulation, and execution of operations, logistics, and construction.

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