Unified Reservoir

Explore, develop and produce – safely and efficiently

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There is more pressure than ever to produce safely and efficiently and comprehensive reservoir management is essential. Achieving effective reservoir management demands advanced petrotechnical workflows, including consideration of enhanced rock mechanics and improved integration of modeling and simulation.

Unified Reservoir is an integrated platform-based solution that improves efficiency in drilling, field development, fracking and production workflows. It introduces advanced rock mechanics, fully coupled with both reservoir modeling and flow simulation. It also delivers an integrated and collaborative project life cycle management environment for better control and monitoring of reservoir development.

Unified Reservoir combines reliable subsurface knowledge with state-of-the art rock mechanics to assess how the reservoir responds to fracking, drilling campaigns, completion and production optimization programs. It also solves drilling, wellbore stability, fault re-activation, fracking, re-fracking and subsidence challenges.

Benefits of Unified Reservoir

  • Digital continuity

    Smooth workflows going from interpreted geostructure models to geomechanical simulations.

  • Better exploration and production

    Improves predictability, safety and cost effectiveness of exploration and production operations, while enabling optimal ROI in oil and gas projects.

  • Collaboration

    Eliminates collaboration gaps, enabling effective workflows, improving information and knowledge exchange between disciplines.

  • Advanced geomechanics

    Mitigates development and production risks, and provides a path to optimally develop the field and maximize recovery.

Use Unified Reservoir for Superior Exploration, Development and Production

Unify your petrochemical workflow to unite enhanced rock mechanics and with modeling and simulation.

Success story


Eni uses a Dassault Systèmes solution to develop full-scale geomechanical models to both forecast and prevent well failures and adverse environmental impacts in oil and gas fields.

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