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Corporate Compliance

Manage policies, procedures, and actions for regulatory and environmental compliance and risk prevention.

Managing policies, procedures, and actions for regulatory and environmental compliance requires careful planning and execution. When working with internal and external stakeholders, customers, and suppliers your geologists, engineers, designers must understand the needs of the project or operation in order to ensure compliance. Social collaboration is the best way to achieve this because everyone is connected together and to the same source of data. Corporate Compliance enables both social and structured collaboration to ensure you are in compliance throughout a project’s lifecyle. 

Corporate Compliance Benefits:

  • Provides management access to environmental compliance and supplier reporting data.

  • Meets standards and regulations by controlling the requirement coverage and management process.

  • Improves quality and customer satisfaction as execution. 

  • Reduces costs and rework by bridging the gap between requirements, design, engineering, and operational processes and disciplines.

  • Enhances overall traceability throughout the evolution of requirements.

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