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High-Tech Operational Excellence

Foster your organization's speed and efficiency by perfectly orchestrating the broad spectrum of skills and resources in engineering and business

Today’s High-Tech innovators have to adopt rapidly changing technology and constantly shifting customer demands on a global scale. Process optimization in different areas of business and R&D alone is not enough to compete anymore. Leading innovators strive for breakthrough advances in organizational agility based on reliable information accessible anytime from anywhere, instantly.

High-Tech Operational Excellence is a solution that provides the capability to orchestrate and synchronize a broad spectrum of skills and resources across engineering and business disciplines for fast creation of customer-configurable products and solutions. Enriched by PLM analytics, the solution simplifies product lifecycle management, decision-making and team collaboration enabling innovators to quickly react to changing market conditions.

Преимущества High-Tech Operational Excellence

  • Improve efficiencies

    ... by better synchronizing cross-discipline resources, processes and roadmaps.

  • Boost competitiveness

    ... with modular strategies for quick adaption to changes in technology and customer demand.

  • Improve anytime visibility

    ... on design, engineering or manufacturing processes, issues and potentials leveraging integrated PLM Analytics capabilities.

  • Reduce development cost

    ... by maximizing reuse of IP and by optimizing component sourcing during design.

  • Secure compliance with quality and regulatory standards

    ... by forcing control on regulatory declaration processes.

Foster the resposive organization with High-Tech Operational Excellence

High-Tech Operational Excellence synchronizes the entire NPI organisation and fosters efficiency and agility in developing configurable products and solutions.