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Accelerated Device - For mid-market companies

Be 1st to market

In today`s global markets, High-Tech innovation is being strongly driven by small and medium-sized companies. To conquer markets and stay ahead of the competition, they need to rapidly get their products to market, to scale, to diversify – all while staying agile and adaptive to market dynamics.

Accelerated Device is a mid-market solution that reduces the time for New Product Introduction (NPI) by connecting industrial designers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and product management to a unique consolidated view of the product that can be securely shared with external partners. Also incorporating advanced 3D design and simulation, small and mid-sized High-Tech companies can now innovate products at the speed of market demands.

Преимущества Accelerated Device - For mid-market companies

  • Reduced time to market

    ... through unified multidisciplinary engineering collaboration.

  • Avoidance of project delays

    ... thanks to “Deliverables-Based Project Management”.

  • Efficient IP protection

    ... through secure data package exchange with subcontractors.

  • Efficient manufacturing integration

    ... by providing easy data access and review capability to the shop floor.

Be first to market, everywhere, every time, with Accelerated Device

Accelerated Device helps High-Tech mid-market companies to be first to market and to continuously succeed though breakthough innovation. Accelerateed Device is the right size, scalable PLM solution from market leader Dassault Systèmes.