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Value Network Orchestration

Foster transparency, visibility and collaboration across the value network to bring unique sustainable experiences to market.

Value Network Orchestration in manufacturing | Dassault Systèmes®

A value network has so many different types of actors that we need to enlarge the scope and topology of Industry. This presents immediate challenges. The world of manufacturing has been modeled on large, upper tier companies; but now a much broader spectrum includes even the smallest partners and start-ups. This is more like a beehive model structured with a singular mission—everyone knows why they are working, has clear goals and works in collaboration. The beehive is way too busy for distraction. Everyone is caught up in the mission, and there’s a recognized point of success, measured financially in many cases.

With a value network, you need to significantly enhance the ability to coordinate industrial actors and connect them quickly and efficiently in a very agile manner. This is when orchestration really needs to come in, because you need a way to resolve any confusion within the overall structure. Streamlining energy, resources and process is important for businesses to improve their bottom line.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform drives collaboration through a common approach for connecting and utilizing information and resources. Whereas within a top-down structure, management releases and controls ideas, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables orchestration with more of a blending of ideas, initiatives, innovation and inspiration.  The sharing and communication encompasses all actors of the network, leading to holistic solutions. This maximizes value creation through a process of sustainable management, which contributes to a company’s improved profit.

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