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Workforce of the Future

Capturing knowledge and know-how from today’s workforce empowers sustainable experiences that inspire innovation for future workers.

Workforce of the Future in manufacturing | Dassault Systèmes®

The future is about people, not machines. Tomorrow’s game changers will be those companies that empower their people (the workforce of the future) to do work and build innovation with the best knowledge and know-how, not use the most automated production systems.

Creating sustainable experiences is a complex process, requiring a diversity of knowledge and know-how. It’s about optimizing current operations by connecting the dots between people, ideas and data inside and outside a company. It’s also about having knowledge and know-how readily available on demand, enabling people to work better and more efficiently.

Companies must be ready for a skill shift that is already underway. There is a rising demand for technological, social, and higher cognitive skills, and an emerging imperative for life-long learning. The new model for governance and well-being at work has autonomy for teams and individuals. A category of waste in lean manufacturing is underutilization of employees, and the remedy is capitalizing on employees' creativity. By using knowledge and know-how to innovate and to solve problems, waste can be removed. It’s directly relates to process optimization and sustainability.

For people to be more efficient, work well and function in a productive environment, they need autonomy. Autonomy comes with workers understanding their roles in the organization and value network.   This approach is what the next generation of workers wants and expects.  They want empowerment to make decisions and provide innovation.

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