Bid to Win

Win new, profitable opportunities, design to value, deliver on target

available on premise

Global automotive suppliers, pursuing new opportunities, want to ensure that they can satisfy customer requirements and still deliver profitable results, on target and aligned with their resources and capabilities.

Bid to Win 3DEXPERIENCE® solutions enable your teams with the industry-proven tools and processes to analyze opportunities, win optimal new business, then design, engineer, validate, manufacture and deliver on target to their customers’ satisfaction.

Industry leaders benefit from an integrated solution, providing a centralized ‘single source of the truth’ when syncing multi-site projects, development changes, product data and requirements management.

As business is won and successfully completed, critical success factors are captured for reuse in a systematic process, to fortify your expertise and knowledge base, which is updated with real data when projects are selected and parts produced.

Benefits of Bid to Win

  • Expedite new business opportunities

    Enhance your bidding process - accelerate, improve profitable bid to win ratio.

  • Ensure global integrity, synergy

    Implement governance to integrate distributed programs for global synergies.

  • Enhance multi-team collaboration

    Synchronize and enhance multidisciplinary engineering collaboration.

  • Adapt holistic systems efficiencies

    Transform engineering processes with holistic system engineering development and performance.

Bid to Win

Win new, profitable opportunities, design to value and deliver on target.

Success story


3CON adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for virtual design, collaborative innovation and workflow management.

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